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How do I use FatKiller™ and how many capsules are in one bottle of FatKiller™?

One bottle of FatKiller contains 60 capsules which is sufficient amount for one month treatment. It is recommended to take two capsules per day after meal (one in the morning and one in the evening).

Ho FatKiller™ works?

The main components of FatKiller™ are green coffee and Garcinia cambogia. Both substances act naturally in your body and simulates its enzymes. Both substances stimulate body so that it burns fat faster and the energy requirements of the body is increased. By cranking the metabolism of the body, it burns calories faster and calories do not transform in to fat.

For what period of time I should take FatKiller?

The first effects of FatKiller ™ can already be felt in the first week of treatment. But the best result is achieved with a complete cure - this lasts for three months. Please note that the time required for optimal results may vary due to the different human metabolism.